Maintaining Cleanliness in Aged Care Facilities

Professional cleanerNursing homes are one of the toughest facilities to clean because of the risk of contamination from bodily fluids and infectious spills. Similar to day care centres, which can play host to infectious organisms, aged care facilities provide an environment that may be prone to the spread of infection.

To maintain a clean and healthy environment in these places, many aged care operators choose to avail nursing home cleaning services to help them deal with the duty of preventing a possible spread of sickness and germs.

Here are some important pointers to remember when cleaning a nursing home:

Prevent cross-contamination

Some cleaning tools such as rags and mops are said to spread germs to surfaces as they become used and soiled. To prevent the spread of germs, replace mops and rags with a no-touch cleaning system that is designed specifically for soil removal. Applying a cleaning solution to contaminated surfaces will ensure that heavily soiled areas are cleaned properly.

Clean individual rooms

When cleaning different areas of a nursing home, cleaning crews need to give individualised attention to each room and avoid using just a single glove to clean various areas. Using the same gloves for several surfaces increases the risk of germ transfer because it results in crews skipping hand hygiene. To reduce the risk of cross-contamination, start working on the cleanest areas first before moving to the dirtier ones.

Monitor use of chemicals in cleaning supplies

Custodial crews do not only deal with cleaning restrooms, sinks, and other contaminated surfaces. They are also expected to take proper precaution in preventing germs from spreading while making the rounds in an aged care facility. A recommended technique for handling used linens in nursing homes is to roll them away from one’s uniform so that bacteria are not transferred there. When throwing out trash bags, the cleaning team should see to it that the air from inside the trash bag does not escape, to avoid germs from spreading across a resident’s room.

The goal of soil removal is to create a comfortable environment for residents, which is why the use of cleaning solutions should be monitored to avoid causing allergic reactions to patients who have trouble breathing.

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