Make your Home Greener: Use Refinish-Compatible Floors

House in New ZealandA lot of New Zealanders are now concerned about turning their homes into greener or more environmentally friendly dwellings. Fortunately, you now have numerous household and building products to choose from that can make this goal achievable. One of them is through the use of wood flooring compatible with finishing materials.

A few examples of these eco-friendly, nature-responsible flooring options include reclaimed wood floors, oak floors and bamboo floors.

Reclaimed Wood Floors

For those who want to maintain a traditional looking home yet still have a greener dwelling, reclaimed wood floors offer an excellent solution. They are naturally beautiful, sourced from various salvaged yet still top notch wood materials. They come in numerous design and style options, and floor refinishing will not pose an issue once you have the need for it.

Bamboo Floors

The craze for bamboo floors is not about to end soon; thanks to its great qualities such as renewability, sustainability, durability and aesthetic appearance. Apart from refinishing, you can also have your bamboo floors stained in a variety of ways to meet your exact needs and preferences. This means you can fit them into any part of your home without ruining the overall theme you have in mind.

Oak Floors

Oak floors are another favourite amongst New Zealanders. Whether imported or exported, you can expect these flooring systems to pack a punch, especially when it comes to beauty, strength, durability and longevity. As long as you choose those that come from growth forests, you can rest assured of their eco-friendliness and renewability.

In terms of pricing, these flooring systems vary in rates, depending on the quality and type itself of the material. Do not worry, though; as their benefits can easily outweigh the price tags they come attached with.

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