Making the Bedroom as Comfortable as Possible in This Weather

cozy bedroomReady to wind down but don’t quite know how to do it in this weather? You’re not alone. Heatwaves have been a cause of struggle around the globe lately, and since the earth doesn’t have an adjustable thermostat to fit our needs, we’ll have to find other ways to get that much-needed rest at the end of the day.

Here’s how to prepare your bedroom for a relaxing sleep even in this weather:

Switch to Natural Fabrics

If you’re used to sleeping in any oversized clothing you can pull out of your drawers, this is the time to start paying attention to clothing labels. Look at the fabric used on your favorite nighttime shirts. If it’s cotton, wear it. The same is true for your sheets and duvet. If it’s a bamboo duvet cover, it can stay. These natural fabrics absorb sweat, so you’re not left stewing in them in the middle of the night. Anything else will have to be kept in the closet for now.

Keep the Curtains Closed During the Day

There will be protests, so be prepared. However, keeping the curtains closed in this weather makes sense, as that means there will be less daytime heat trapped in the room. This gives you a slightly cooler bedroom, and every small difference counts in this heat. Blackout curtains or blinds are also a good investment this time of the year.

Position the Fan Near the Window

You want to keep heat out of the room. One setup that could work is if you have your fan near the window, so it expels heat and improves air circulation in the room. If you don’t want to keep the windows open for fear of bugs waking you up at night, find other ways to let the heat out. Houses with attics have a hatch that can be opened. Since warm air rises, this gives hot air a good way to escape.

Temperatures may be rising, but this shouldn’t mean the hours of sleep you get should be decreasing. Keep the bedroom as comfortable as possible so you’ll still get a good night’s rest.

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