Maximizing the Potential of a Sales Training Program

Sales Training Program

Sales staff who have just completed a powerful sales training course will typically feel invigorated, motivated and ready to sell to prospective clients. They will walk out of the room armed with new sales concepts and knowledge and want to put them into practice right away.

While seeing fired up salespeople is a remarkable sight, this enthusiasm may not last long. Eventually, their energy will wane, and the sales concepts they learned during training will be pushed to one side in favor of addressing other, more immediate concerns. Companies can prevent this by maximizing the potential offered by a powerful sales training program. Sales managers should keep these things in mind to ensure that the staff keeps using their newly acquired sales skills.

Assess and Track Learning Retention

Just because a sales training program garnered many favorable reviews from its participants, it does not mean that they will consistently apply what they learned during a sale. Sales managers should conduct assessments to find out whether employees are applying their recently learned knowledge to their work. When a salesperson is speaking with a client, for instance, the sales manager should observe if the salesperson is getting the client to talk. The Friedman Group says that a trained sales professional knows how to get clients to engage in conversation better and more often.

Reward Employees Who Apply Their Newly Learned Skills

Sales managers can reward employees who effectively apply the sales techniques they picked up during training. The reward keeps momentum and motivation levels high. It also ensures that the salespeople continuously use the skills they learned during training.

Reinforce with Follow-ups

On the other hand, sales managers who see employees not applying their newly learned sales skills should try providing a venue to discuss, experiment and try out their newly acquired knowledge. Scheduling lunch and learn sessions with the sales team, for instance, can help salespeople review what they picked up during training.

Conducting assessments, rewarding employees who apply what they learned in training, and consistently reinforcing the efforts of proactive salespeople can make the knowledge they picked up during a sales training course stick to their minds more effectively. Companies who do these things can turn their sales training investment into action and help improve their bottom line.

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