Modern Braces and The Focus On Stealth

clear braces

clear bracesModern dentistry has become more and more able to deal with dental problems discreetly and in a less gung-ho fashion than a few decades ago. A particular case in point is how braces have developed from being great big metal things that looked like someone’s big brother had rammed their Meccano set into their mouth into something that is so discreet that it can’t be seen at all. Welcome to the world of invisible braces in Harley Street.

That’ not to say that no one ever has to wear metal bracket and wire braces ever again. These are still the best for dealing with complex alignment issues, but invisible braces in Harley Street are great for less complex problems. Just ask a good dentist, such as those at Harley Street Dental Clinic, and they can advise which of the various kinds of invisible braces are most suitable.

Lingual Braces

These are the only type of invisible braces in Harley Street that work on complex alignment issues. They are bracket and wire braces, but instead of being on the front surfaces of the teeth, they are cemented onto the inner surfaces, next to the tongue. Each bracket is made to fit each individual tooth, so it takes about 3 weeks to make them, but once they are in place, they work very predictably.

Clear Aligners

These are more like mouth guards than braces. Clear aligners are made of very thin, transparent plastic and cover the teeth like a second layer of enamel. They hug the teeth so well that they can’t really be seen once they are in place. Alignment is achieved through the precise placement of pressure points inside each aligner. Patients work their way through a series of aligners, wearing each one for a couple of weeks. Aligners are removable for eating and drinking; another big plus.

Bracket And Wire

Another type of brace is not really invisible, but it is far more discreet than metal. The brackets are made of clear ceramic and the wire is coated in a tooth-coloured material. They blend in with the teeth and are used for minor adjustments to the front 6-8 teeth. Treatment can take only a few months.

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