Nail the Perfect Trim for Your Home’s Architectural Style

Ranch style home

Ranch style homeAlthough you mostly base the interior trim of your home on your personal taste, a few guidelines are in order to make your choice a perfect one. As a rule of the thumb, it’s always good to keep your baseboard and casing combinations consistent with your home’s architectural style.

A modern home, for example, would do well with minimalist trims that only protect the wall from unwanted marks. A good trim might escape the attention of your average visitor, but everyone notices a bad trim — and not in a good way. To attain artistic success, here are some tips:

The Craftsman Home

Known for its simple, honest and rich details, the Craftsman exudes symmetry and formality. A simple and purposeful door and window casing will create a spacious interior. If you combine it with wider baseboards and crown molding, you’ll accomplish a stately courtliness to each room.

The Rancher Home

You have a lot of trim options with the Rancher home. Traditionally, this home style is more minimalistic and informal when it comes to interior decoration, but it’s also flexible enough that you can try almost any trim combination. As a homeowner, you’ve got a lot of leeway in deciding which trim style to follow.

The Neoclassical Home

If one were to describe the Neoclassical home in one word, that would be grandeur. Its inspiration comes from classic Greek and Roman architecture concepts wherein columns and a symmetrical style are the most prominent features.

While there is great flexibility in deciding for a trim, an intricate style and complex decorated pattern seems to be the best way to go.

Trimming your home’s interior depends on a lot of design elements and your home style, but your personal taste is the deal breaker. These tips are simply to inspire you to explore more possibilities.

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