NIH: 3 out of 1,000 Children in the US Suffer from Hearing Loss

Person getting hearing aid fitted

Person getting hearing aid fittedParents should pay more attention to screening ear-related disorders or illnesses for their new-born babies, as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimated that three out of 1,000 children in the US suffer from partial or complete hearing loss.

The issue becomes more widespread for older Americans, with 30 million people 12 years and above unable to hear from both ears, according to the NIH.

Degenerative Disease

Most of us believe that losing the ability to hear comes with aging, along with poorer eyesight and other degenerative conditions. While this is still true, the advent of electronics and the increased level of noise pollution have contributed to the possibility of hearing loss at a young age.

If you live in Pennsylvania, there are ear centers in Northumberland and other boroughs that offer preventive and car maintenance for auditory health. Some drugs can cure illnesses, but some experts say that not all of them can treat problems involving the cochlea in the inner ear. Meanwhile, a British study showed that hearing loss could be a sign of middle ear cancer.

Cancer Signs

Other signs and symptoms of middle ear cancer include a blood-stained discharge from the ear, dizziness, and headache. Take note that even if you experience some or all of these symptoms, you should not jump to conclusions.

A biopsy from the abnormal part of the ear will confirm whether or not you have cancer. For the inner ear, facilities will instead use an MRI or CT scan, since there is a high risk of damaging the surrounding area if a doctor takes a small amount of tissue for examination.

Have you been experiencing pain or discomfort in your ear? You should set an appointment with a doctor or hearing center to rule out any possibility of a much bigger problem.

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