Organic SEO Tips: The Types of Backlinks You Need

seo marketingOrganic SEO or search engine optimization is the strategy used by many businesses to rank their website in search engines through unpaid methods. These include the creation of high-quality content and keywords related to the products or services the business offers.

Aside from these though, one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to boost your organic SEO rank is by making use of quality backlinks to your site. And hiring organic SEO service experts in Ottawa is essential to make sure you get it right. Here are the types of backlinks you need:

Directory links

These links come from websites that act as directories for people searching for specific products and services. Some online directories charge a subscription fee to publish your submissions annually. The ideal way to get high-quality directory links is to sign up with a commanding niche directory relevant to your industry.

Blog comment links

You can get these links by posting meaningful comments on blog posts on other web pages. There are over 80 million new blog posts every month, so you will not run out of posts to comment on. Linking comments to your blog posts that are relevant to the issue being discussed instead of your homepage is the best way to get quality traffic from blog comment links.

Forum links

These links are gained through offering advice to and interacting with clients. Though it might take time to read through questions and respond, you have the benefit of positioning yourself as an authority in your industry. Handled right, forum links will also lead other industry experts back to your site and hence place you above your competition.

Getting a diverse backlink profile is an excellent way to build a scalable and sustainable SEO strategy. Various types of links are therefore used in combination for maximum impact. They should also be used continuously to create a meaningful effect on your SEO ranking.

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