Playing Family Sports: Raising a Healthy and Active Child

Father and young son in a pool

Father and son in a poolMost adults agree that kids today are not as physically active as the kids two decades or so ago. Parents and health experts are concerned as instances of childhood obesity have been on the rise. Thus, the challenge now is to get kids into exercise. One way to do this is instilling the love of sports at a young age.

Starting Them Young

The best way of achieving this is for parents to join their children in sports and games. Doing family activities together, such as mini golf, tee-ball, or just shooting or kicking the ball in the backyard can get kids in Charlotte, NC, to associate sports as something fun yet important as their parents are involved as well.

Should this continue, it might then expand to joining actual sports teams during their elementary and high school years.

Watching Together

Families should watch sports together to reinforce interest, especially if the sport seen on TV is what the family plays as well. However, even if the sport on TV is something different, watching it together will continue to increase the child’s interest in physical activities, causing them to want to try them in the future.

Discussing Joys and Fears

Finally, whether played or watched, parents need to have meaningful discussions with their kids about the sports activities. If children can verbalize their feelings of joy and excitement, or even fear and frustration, parents could understand their children’s viewpoint and make the necessary adjustments.

Keeping kids fit is really an investment of time and effort on the part of the family. If parents want to instill an active and healthy lifestyle in their children, they need to begin introducing a love and fascination with sports as early as possible.

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