Plumbing Problems at Home: You May be the Culprit

Plumber Doing Pipe MaintenanceYou may not realize it, but sometimes, you are to blame for most of your plumbing problems. This is true even if you have the best intentions like engaging in DIY plumbing work. Your habits and the way you deal with clogs and blockages could be the reasons you are doing more harm than good.

Plumbing and heating experts in St. Joseph share the routines that can damage your plumbing system:

You flush almost everything.

While some products like diapers and wipes may be labeled flushable, it’s best to keep them out of the toilet. Flushing heavy paper products and similar items can clog the device, as well as block the pumps and pipes.

You treat your garbage disposal (in the sink) real trash.

Putting everything down your garbage disposal is a surefire way for it to be clogged or broken in a short amount of time. This is especially true if you use it to dispose of oil, fats, grease, vegetable peelings, liquid foods, and any other materials that belong to trash.

You overload your showerhead.

While shower caddies are extremely useful in hanging a number of items like soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and others, their weight can drag the fixture down. Excess weight can also cause the showerhead or the faucet to break off or pull out from the wall. It’s better to use a freestanding bathroom shelf or rack.

You try to fix plumbing problems you know nothing about.

There may be thousands of DIY plumbing resources online, but some problems are best left to the pros. Water heater issues, for instance, should only be handled by skilled plumbers. Relying on how-to videos to diagnose and fix the problem could result in more damage and costlier repairs.

You don’t clean the shower drain.

Letting a few strands of hair down the shower drain may not seem like a bad idea, but its cumulative effect can be bad for your plumbing. Make an effort to swipe or remove those strands regularly. You can also invest in a drain cover that’s designed to catch hair.

Don’t let these habits damage or ruin your plumbing. You should also call professional plumbers for dealing with plumbing problems the right way.

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