Reasons to Go Big On Your Municipal Decorations

Christmas lights in a houseEvery year, municipalities and communities spend thousands, even millions, on Christmas decorations. While this may seem like a frivolous frittering of public resources at first glance, having an impressive display provides more benefits than spreading the holiday cheer.

Here’s how having municipal Christmas lights can benefit your structure and the community:

Goodwill and Publicity

When setting up their holiday lighting, many communities consider the joy and goodwill that a spectacular display will generate from their residents. Christmas lights lift people’s spirits up even after a hard day’s work. The grander the display, the greater the happiness generated.

Cities that go big with public displays of Christmas cheer, however, are rewarded with something more substantial than appreciation from the locals. Done right, your displays can bring more attention to your community to boost tourism and sales for businesses. Stunning decorations provide free publicity, and they are sure to attract more visitors from other places as well.

Everyone Can Play

If you live in a smaller community, you might be thinking that you can’t possibly compete with bigger cities, or at least attract enough attention. It’s easy to think that leading mainstream media outlet won’t bat an eye at small-sized municipalities. However, public Christmas lighting is an area where even the smallest communities can compete with the world’s largest cities. Here are some success stories:

  • St. Augustine, Florida – This underrated locale gained a spot on National Geographic’s list of the Top Ten Places to See Holiday Lights.
  • McAdenville, North Carolina – This town makes it into Yahoo!’s Top 10 Destinations for Holiday Lights, along with world-class heavy hitters like Chicago, Denver, and Baltimore.
  • Johnson City, Texas – Southern Living Magazine acknowledges Johnson City’s stunning Christmas display in their publication with over 15 million readers.

No dollar is wasted on spreading the holiday cheer. If you look at it from a different perspective, your community will be gaining much more than admiration from your people.

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