Reception Area: How to Create a Good Impression

a modern working spaceDid you know that a beautifully-designed reception area plays a huge part in creating a positive impression for your company? Here are three things that your reception area says about your workplace.

Business Image shares that your office front reflects your company’s business image in a significant way, and this starts at the reception area. Once visitors step into this area, the reception counter is the first thing they see. Thus, it is important that the design of the reception counter reflects your business image. Reception counters serve as a work desk, a storage area, and the link between the company and its guests. It has to look stylish and welcoming while still looking sharp and professional.

Office Culture

The way a reception area is designed says a lot about a company’s work culture. This can be seen in the colours used, the furniture pieces, and the accessories that dot the area. Hence, it is important to set the tone right in this area and create the vibe and impression that you would like your guests and visitors to get about the work culture—fun, vibrant, cool, yet serious and busy.

Attention to Detail

Concealed storage spaces in walls and even in the counter itself make a sleek-looking reception area. A well-made desk, carefully selected furniture, and accessories reflect a company’s attention to detail. This is also a great place to put up digital boards that show bits about the company, provide access to refreshments for the visitors, and some reading materials to help while away the wait time.

Creating a great first impression of your company all starts at the reception area, where guests check in and get settled in before their interviews and meetings. Take some time to design it in a way that reflects your company’s business image and fun side.

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