Rifle Maintenance and Care Basics for Novice Hunters

Rifle on Top of ATVAlthough people use many different hunting tools throughout history, the rifle continues to be a staple of hunting. Novice hunters will even learn how to hunt, most likely, with a gun.

When you hunt with a rifle, however, you not only have to learn how to shoot it and reload, you also have to learn how to take good care of it.

Beginners, take note.

Transport Safely on a UTV

Rifle care and maintenance can begin in the transportation of the rifle. You can ride Argo UTV hunting transports like many other hunters to move around easily within your hunting grounds. You can easily carry your rifle or several rifles on this UTV.

You simply need a gun scabbard and gun boot to keep your rifle or rifles safe during transportation.

Clean the Barrel

Aside from protection during transportation, you also have to maintain your rifle when you are at home or relaxing outdoors. You can keep the barrel clean of any dirt, powder, or tiny debris. These contaminants can affect the accuracy of your rifle, costing you precious game on a hunt.

As you clean the barrel, you can use a rifle support for easier cleaning.

Use Rifle-Specific Tools

When you have to perform deeper maintenance on a rifle, you will need the proper tools. You can ask a weapons expert for the specific tools that will not damage or scratch your rifle such as hollow ground screwdrivers.

You will also need dry lube, lint-free cloth, and compressed air to clean all the parts of the rifle and to oil the entire action area.

Choose an Accessible Rifle

Finally, this last piece of advice involves your choice of rifle, which can affect your maintenance. The barrel and the action of the rifle are the most important parts, and you need them to be easily accessible to prevent any accidents from damaging them.

You then have to choose and use a rifle with a readily accessible action and barrel.

You can follow the guidelines above, and you have the basics down to pat. Happy hunting!

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