Should You Invest in Commercial Property?

Commercial propertyRanging from government treasury bonds, shares, land, and property, there are numerous ways to invest your money — all with the aim of generating reasonable income. Very few investors choose to invest in commercial property. But why? You ask. Most people consider commercial property a risky investment.

Still, commercial property is a worthwhile investment field to venture in. Check out why.

Higher returns: Commercial property is meant to do businesses, thus it generates high income steadily.

Long-term leases: Unlike residential properties that last about a year, commercial property lasts longer. This gives you adequate time and cash to improve your investment portfolio.

GST Significance: Buying commercial property requires you to pay for goods and services tax, but you can later claim the charged GST as input tax credit.

Option for Small Investments: You have the option of investing smaller in commercial property than in residential property which is usually large and costly.

Lending for Professionals

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