Siding Materials to Protect Your Home and Make it Look Good

A great exterior design of a house in UtahClothing protects people and makes them look good. For houses, sidings play the role of clothes. The exterior system looks good and protects your house at the same time. Still, whatever material you choose must be able to withstand the worst of the elements.

Everyone loves wood

The natural color, tone, and texture of wood are often irresistible. Wood is an American favorite because it also makes the façade inviting. Redwood is perhaps one of the most beautiful materials you can use, and it is definitely worth the investment for many families.

You can benefit from the timeless look of wood, including easy replacement of damaged panels, energy efficiency, and low environmental impact. Another great thing about wooden siding is that there is more than one profile to choose from. However, wood has disadvantages, including regular maintenance and repainting. You also need to check for damage due to water and insect infestation.

Metal is the new wood

Wooden sidings may complement modern-style buildings and homes with contemporary themes, but there is another alternative for homeowners these days. Steel and aluminum are the most common materials available. If you want a highly resistant material then the better option is steel.

If you want a siding that can protect the house from corrosive elements like salt water, then choose aluminum. Metal siding is lightweight. It also has the advantage of being resistant to insects as well as fire. Metal is also the best option for areas that experience harsh winters.

Fiber cement as a protective layer

Fiber cement sidings come out of the factory with additional protective coating. The combination of cellulose, sand, and cement is an affordable material. Fiber cement is similar to wood in appearance. While it is also insect and fire resistant, fiber cement with poor quality coating may degrade in freeze-thaw conditions.

Since summer is the best time to install new sidings, Utah residents are now making the rounds for the best materials available. Double T. Inc suggests looking for a material that fits your requirements in terms of energy efficiency, durability, maintenance, and aesthetics.

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