Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Hair Color

Hair salon employee ensuring her clients hair is greatMost hair color mishaps involve a dye job gone wrong. Some of these mistakes can be noticed from a mile away. Many others are subtle and can leave you walking around unaware that your choice of hair color is anything but flattering. When you consult a color analysis expert at your preferred hair salon in Denver, Colorado, ask about these four warning signs if you are sporting a hair color that is making you look unprofessional, dull, odd, and older.

Your hair beats your face to the mirror

When using a mirror, you should see your face before anything else. If your eyes notice the hair before the face that is a sign that your hair color selection is overpowering your features.

People have been saying you look tired, but you feel fresh

Friends and loved ones will note when you appear tired or dull, and they will make comments to that effect. However, what if you get many comments about your tired look yet you don’t feel tired at all? That could be a sign that the hair color you chose is making you appear drained and dull.

People cannot readily determine your eye color

A dye job gone wrong can cause your eye color to lack vibrancy. In such a case, someone looking at you will have a hard time identifying your eye color.

There is a color discrepancy between natural eyebrow color and the hair color

A significant disagreement between your eyebrow color and hair color selection is a bad sign. The discrepancy occurs because your hair color is not aligned with your undertone and coloring.

A color may look fabulous on the box, and you may follow the directions on the box but still end up with a messed up dye job. Consult a color analysis expert at your preferred hair salon in Denver, Colorado about your best color options for clothing, makeup, hair, and accessories. Ask your hair colorist about their experience in color analysis. They should be able to ascertain your skin’s undertone.

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