Skin Sensitivity is Best Diagnosed by a Dermatologist

a woman touching her smooth skinThere seems to be an inordinate amount of beauty products when compared to other kinds of industries, including baby products and consumables. There is a reason sensitive skin treatments have a huge following.

Everyone wants to be beautiful, and this usually starts with knowing what skin treatments are available.

Sensitive Skin

There are a lot of people who say that they have sensitive skin. They cite their own personal criteria, including stinging, redness or a burning sensation to the skin. Most times, they just don’t feel that the product agrees with them.

According to dermatologists, sensitive skin occurs when the skin has pustules, skin bumps and erosion; or if the person has very dry skin which cannot properly protect skin nerve endings; or the skin tends to blush or have skin flushing.

What it boils down to, is that only a dermatologist can give a diagnosis of a person’s sensitive skin.

Skin Reactions

There are some adverse skin reactions that you can trace to sensitive skin, which include skin disorders and allergies; eczema rosacea; or some other form of contact dermatitis; extra dry skin which no longer protects nerve endings; and exposure to environmental factors that can damage skin.

Excessive sun, wind and temperatures can also damage skin. In terms of sensitivity, there are other factors including the genes, age, gender, and race, as well as lifestyle.

To test for skin reactions, there are patch testing tools to detect allergies and other symptoms. These patch testing tools can help point out specific skin allergies. Screening for allergies and skin conditions is necessary for both men and women.

Some products help sensitive skin. These include those skin care products that claim to have only a few ingredients, whether natural or not, and those products which have little or no fragrance. People with sensitive skin should avoid products with alcohol, deodorants and anti-bacterial ingredients.

It is important that people should visit a doctor or dermatologist to find out if they have sensitive skin.

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