Solar Power is More Affordable than Ever

Solar PowerSolar power is not new technology. In fact, solar panels have existed since the 1950s and were used to power satellites in space. Cost is one of the reasons it has not been implemented widely. It was too costly for the average citizen.

With the latter half of the 2000s came a boom in renewable energy. Solar panels require lower costs to manufacture, and some governments began subsidising its citizens to allow them to make the switch to renewable energy. You can now buy solar panels yourself from companies like Ecolution. It is as easy as purchasing a new satellite dish or an air conditioner.

Affordable Solar Panels

The UK used to provide subsidies to citizens who choose to install solar panels in their homes. As of 2015, however, the government cut the solar subsidy scheme to free funds for other projects. The solar industry worries that the timing is off, as solar power is believed to not yet be self-sufficient at this point.

Nevertheless, solar panels are more affordable than they have ever been in the past. They are 80% cheaper now than they were half a decade ago. In fact, the British solar market was virtually non-existent before the 2010s. Current trends will only see an increase in solar energy usage for the next few years.

Cheaper, Cleaner Energy

The manufacture and the installation of solar panels are still the most expensive parts of the process. But once the initial overhead costs are addressed, solar energy pays for itself. In the UK and in Germany, solar and wind energy cost less than fossil fuels.

The great thing about solar is it has no recurring costs. Fossil fuels require constant mining and refinement to keep up the generators running. On the other hand, solar takes its energy entirely from the sun, which is an almost unlimited source of power. You do not need any extra digging, refinement or transport to deliver the sun’s rays to your panels.

Hopefully, solar energy only continues to become more affordable. In the future, we may not need anything but renewable energy.

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