Some Pro Tips You’ll Need for Your Upcoming Manila Trip

Rizal Park in Manila

Rizal Park in ManilaAside from keeping documents and navigation apps ready, here are some of the other important things you need to prepare and have with you for your upcoming trip to Manila and other places around the Philippines.

Your Own Transport

Rent a sedan car from when you travel to Manila. You’ll be thankful you did. You could hire a chauffeur from the rental company and simply coordinate your schedule for the day. It’s the easiest way to get around the concrete jungle that is Metro Manila.

Tip: Check out national park and the KM 0 marker right across it and the forts, the museums and Chinatown on your way up. Catch the famous Manila Bay sunset before heading back. It’s quite spectacular.

Bottle of Water

Always pack a bottle of water and it would be so much better if you have a reusable tumbler. If you’re swinging by malls, head down to the food court level to get a refill of cold water from the water dispensers located in the middle of the food court — all free of charge!

Tip: Most food establishments will happily refill your water bottle for free.

Change of Clothes

Quick-drying, breathable, thin clothing is advisable throughout the year. And bringing a change of lightweight, breathable clothing is always a good idea, especially if you’re spending the whole day out.

Tip: A small bottle of facial cleanser would come in handy for when you need to wash your face to feel refreshed.

Address and Phone Numbers

Sure, you can store these in your phone, but it wouldn’t hurt to write this down on a small notebook or a piece of paper. It never runs out of batteries, so it’s still, and always will be, the perfect backup.

Tip: Good to have a local mobile number to take advantage of unlimited calls and mobile data. Best to get it from a phone provider’s business store, which you can find at major malls.

Extra Tip: Although major cards are accepted, have enough local currency ready, as some establishments only accept cash.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful and have a wonderful time in Manila!

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