Starting Your Own Rubbish Removal & Collection Business

Starting a BusinessSome businesses aren’t as luxurious or fancy as, say, starting a search engine that ends up becoming a multi-billion-dollar empire, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a good idea. As a matter of fact, if nobody wants to do it, that only means there’s probably more money in it for you.

A good example is a rubbish collection business. It’s not exactly Wall Street, but it’s good business because there is real money in what people throw away.

To start your own rubbish collection business, here are a few reminders:

What you need

You will need a few things immediately to run your business, including a lorry, garbage compactor truck or an arm roll truck from Wong Fong Engineering, which is the kind that’s becoming more popular now. You’ll also need skips or dumpsters, or at least large rubbish bins; the number depends on the area you’d like to service.

The other items you need include proper clothing like overalls (aprons are a good idea), thick work gloves for the purpose, rake (you may also consider a leaf blower) and shovel.

Get the permits

You’ll have to get permits from the local council to operate a garbage collection business. For this part, a properly written business plan is helpful. Your business plan is also important if you need to take out a loan. Get help from a lawyer or an accountant for writing your business plan, or you can also use one of those forms available online just to give you an idea.

Talk to your customers

Have some business cards printed. Give them to your customers when you go door-to-door to inform everyone in the neighbourhood about your rubbish collection business. The good thing about customers having your number and knowing who you are is they are likely to call you when they’re discarding old furniture or appliances, or even for just minor jobs that require cleaning and getting rid of rubbish.

A garbage collection business is not for the squeamish or those who don’t want to get their hands dirty, but it is a good business idea as it has a high chance of earning you some serious cash.

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