Study Reveals Poor Dental Habits Among Millennials

Woman being checked by the dentist

Woman being checked by the dentistMost adults know that brushing at least twice a day is important for good oral health, yet an analysis suggested that many people neglect their teeth and gums.

A U.S. study of 2,000 respondents showed that three out of 10 millennials only hold a toothbrush once a day, while some even forego brushing their teeth for more than two days.

Dental Issues

It may not be surprising that people who brush their teeth once a day encounter more oral problems, such as bad breath or cavities. When these issues arise, most people are afraid to seek professional help. The study noted that pain during and after treatment serves as the top reason for their fear of the dentist.

If the pain or dental problem is still tolerable, most of the respondents said that cost is their main excuse for delaying treatment. A dental checkup may cost between $85 and $100. It may be expensive but take note that a dental filling for a cavity will require you to pay between $230 and $300.

Oral Health By State

The state where you live also determines how much you need to pay for specific dental services. If you live in Washington State, there are many professionals that offer a wide range of services. A trusted family dental clinic in Greenwood, for instance, can provide treatments and services to patients of all ages.

The presence of several dentists in the state partly allowed it to rank as the 10th best state for 2018 in terms of oral health. Other than your location, the availability of fluoridated water helps protect your teeth against tooth decay.

If you brush your teeth only once a day, it’s not too late to change the habit. You should visit a dentist if you are unsure if brushing more than two times per day is good your health.

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