Taking Care of an Aging Carpet in 3 Ways

Water tubeExtensive damage can make cleaning an aged carpet hard work — and in some cases, almost impossible. Nevertheless, to avoid undervaluing its material, it’s necessary to understand how carpets age. More importantly, it’s important to prevent or at least delay its aging through special treatments and regular maintenance.

Below are some ways to keep your aging carpet in crisp shape for a few more years:

Know Your Environment

The carpet’s environment can affect its lifecycle. A carpet can last for as much as 10 years in certain areas, but it could be shorter in high traffic areas. Identifying the environment will help you choose the most appropriate cleaning method. A carpet in the corner part of the house may only require an annual deep cleaning compared to a carpet in the living room (a high-traffic area) that needs monthly cleaning.

Fight the Fade

As carpets age, they tend to fade. Fortunately, you can use cost-effective methods to bring them back (almost) to their original appearance. For example, rubbing the carpet down using a rag soaked in saline water works wonders. Alternatively, you can soak the carpet in water and then wash it as usual to get the same results. Carpet cleaning experts in South Jordan can help you find more ways to keep your carpet looking newer for longer.

Remove Dents

Heavy furniture left standing on the carpet for long will undoubtedly leave some unsightly marks. The severity of these dents varies, so you need to apply different removal methods. Smaller dents can be removed using a steam iron, but larger ones need a bath towel or tea towel. The idea is to let the moisture and heat lift the dent to get back the original shape of the carpet.

Your aging carpet doesn’t necessarily have to pave way for a new one. The rate of wear and tear can sometimes be delayed through simple maintenance and restoration exercises.


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