The Growing Problem of Skin Cancer: How to Catch Signs Early

Woman having her skin cancer checkedThe threat of medical complications strikes anyone without discrimination. Skin cancer operates on this principle. Many people think skin cancer only affects those who stay under the sun or those who are advanced in years. In truth, skin cancer has been disrupting the lives of younger people, even teenagers too.

The most common cancer

Among the most common cancers in the United States, skin cancer has three types, with basal cell carcinoma counting as the most common. Squamous cell carcinoma comes in second. Melanoma develops less frequently than the previous two, but this also poses a deadly threat.

The data says

According to statistics, as many as one in five people will develop skin cancer. In 2014, researchers pinpointed the rate of melanoma at 25.2 cases per 100,000 people. In younger people age 20 to 49, the rate sits at 14.02 in the same year.

Have yourself checked

You can watch out for development of skin cancer and prevent it from growing and getting worse. You can continually check yourself and undergo annual skin exams. If your family has a history of skin cancer, skin exams become all the more important. People with freckles, multiple moles, red hair, light eyes, fair skin, and a history of tanning bed use also need to undergo exams.

Check yourself

Now, in checking yourself, you or a partner can look for moles, blemishes, lesions that you have on your body. Check and take pictures of them every month to observe any possible changes or evolution. When you notice any of them growing darker or growing bigger, you can immediately go to a skin cancer treatment center here in Salt Lake City.

As long as you stay vigilant by checking yourself monthly and undergoing skin exams, you can catch any cancerous elements early and have them removed. Best-case scenario, you will live skin-cancer-free all your life.

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