The Importance and Benefits of Recycling Waste Oil

Petroleum Engineer looking at an Oil Pump

Petroleum Engineer looking at an Oil PumpOil has been one of the hottest topics for quite some time, especially when talks about environmental effects is on the table. As such, there have been lots of improvements in the way people deal with oil.

Many businesses and industry experts are discussing proper disposal and recovery of waste oil.

It is true that oil consumption cannot be stopped. But some of the main goals include reducing the consumption by lessening man’s dependence on fuel.

Environmental Benefits

There are many environmental benefits associated with the proper disposal, storage and handling of waste oil. Other than avoiding pollution that could cause health problems, did you know that waste oil can now be recycled? In fact, you can extract almost one gallon of recycled oil from a gallon of used oil.

Petroleum-based lubricants and engine oils are the usual petroleum products that can be recycled. Domestic consumption of cooking oil can also be added to the list. For proper disposal and recycling of used oil, you should contact your local environment regulator.

Practice Safe Waste Oil Storage

Whilst there may be different types of waste oil you can recycle, be sure to practice safe storage to avoid any untoward incident. Remember that these materials are highly flammable if exposed to high temperatures. It could also mix with floodwater, which makes it difficult to recover.

Keep all waste oil in a closed container with a secure lid and label accordingly. Do not put it somewhere that can be easily reached by children or run over by your dog. Place it somewhere that is not exposed to high temperatures or any electrical wirings.

Where to Send Waste Oil

A list of waste recycling facilities near your area is usually available in your local environment regulator’s office. You can likewise have your local car repair shop perform the engine oil change and dispose of the waste oil according to industry regulation.

Recycling waste oil is good for the environment. It can likewise help save more resources that are used in generating clean oil from scratch.

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