The Roof is Leaking: 4 Dangers to Worry About

Man fixing a roof leakA roof leak is not one of the many household problems you can overlook. Leaks take place because of different factors, including poor maintenance and storm damage.

Why is roof repair in every Auckland home important even for tiny leaks? A roof problem goes beyond the structure. It can affect the foundation and the major indoor components of a house. This is why the costly damages that follow are not something worth risking. Here are some dangers that arise from roof leaks:

Fire Risks

A leaking roof exposes occupants to serious fire risks as far as electrical connections and electronics are concerned. If an electrical wiring in the ceiling or attic comes into contact with moisture, the worst may happen. Shorted wires in these areas can lead to an uncontrollable fire break out. If you notice leakage in a place with power connections, you may want to switch them off and call a roof repair specialist.

Costly Repairs

As many would (or would not) expect, a weakened roof will demand repairs sooner or later. Delaying repairs only makes the problem worse, leading to even more expensive costs.

Mould and Fungus

As moisture enters your home through leaks, it starts to create and accumulate mould. Breathing mould and fungus for a prolonged period can be devastating to anybody’s health. In case moisture makes contact with other elements, it may also result in the growth of fungus. You can control both by stopping roof leakage.

Structural Integrity

Most leakages, if ignored, lead to serious consequences to the rafters, exterior trim, ceiling joists, and other crucial components of the roof’s structure. Extensive leaks will lead to damaged wood and rotten frames. At this point, only the help of a professional contractor can salvage the situation.

These are just some of the results of unattended roof leaks. Do you want to keep your family safe and healthy, and keep roofing repair costs to a minimum? Of course, you do. Watch keenly for any signs of leakage and ask for professional help if necessary.

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