The Top Characteristics to Look for In a Job Applicant

An applicant being interviewed

An applicant being interviewedWithout a doubt, all employers have gone through situations when they had to deal with bad employees. This is why it would be best for you to have an idea of what you should be looking for exactly, besides your customary criminal record check. Here are the qualities to look for:

Intelligence ­

Most scientific studies conducted discovered that their level of intelligence defines 76 percent of the contribution and productivity of employees. In this sense, intelligence means the employees’ level of practical ability and common sense to manage daily challenges at work.

Leadership Ability

Leadership refers to the desire and readiness to take accountability for results, whether it is good or bad. It is their capacity to volunteer for projects, accept responsibility for reaching the needed outcome of assignments and to take charge of anything thrown their way.


Integrity is likely the single most important attribute to achieve long-term success at work and in life. This must start within them by being true to themselves, which means they should be eager to declare their strengths and weaknesses.


You most probably search for applicants who are cooperative with others, friendly, warm and easygoing. They are the individuals who will be a great addition to your work family.

Competence ­

This is the ability of an employee to accomplish their goals and assignments. They have the skill to focus persistently until their job is done, to separate the significant from the unimportant responsibilities and to set priories.

Most of all, base your decision on their character, which is the total of each of their positive attributes. These will have a significant effect on whether they will showcase how great of an employee they will be. Their characteristics will also contribute to the success of your company.

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