The Ultimate Colorado Road Trip Your Family Will Surely Enjoy

San Juan Mountains, ColoradoYou’ve lived in or near Colorado all your life but have not had the opportunity to explore fully all that it has to offer. You had planned to take a long road trip just to relax and take everything in, but something always came up. As you grew older, you’ve started taking on more responsibilities, putting that road trip on the back burner.

But now that you have kids and they’re all old enough to appreciate the sights, it’s time get a move on. Take the car to an Arvada auto repair service such as Pickering’s Auto Service for a checkup, pack your stuff, and have your cameras ready. It’s time for your road trip!

But wait, where exactly should you go? Here’s a suggested five-day itinerary for your road trip that your whole family will definitely find memorable.

Day 1: Glenwood Springs

This is where you can find the largest hot springs pool in the world. Take a nice, relaxing dip in the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort pool, or head to town and engage in other outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hiking, rafting, and fishing.

Check out the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park as well while you’re there.

Day 2: Grand Junction

Heading west from Glenwood Springs, you will arrive in the biggest city on the state’s Western Slope. Enjoy Grand Junction’s fruit and produce while taking in the majesty of the Colorado National Monument and its cliffs.

Day 3: Gunnison National Park

Tell the kids you’re going to a place called Black Canyon and expect to hear them ask, “Are we there yet?” every two minutes. The pride of Gunnison National Park, Black Canyon will surely make you gasp in awe as you look down its sheer, black depths.

There are ranger-led tours at the park – for families visiting for the first time, it’s recommended to have a guide.

Day 4: Mesa Verde National Park

Did you know that the Mesa Verde National Park is one of just 20 U.S. World Heritage Sites? Take a guided tour, and you’ll know why! All right, some hints then: petroglyphs and ancient dwellings. The visit may inspire one of your kids to become an archaeologist or an anthropologist one day.

Day 5: Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Going to this park is like exploring the vast Sahara Desert. The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is where you’ll get awestruck by mountains of sand that seem to move against rocky cliffs. Hike up the dunes and snowboard, sled, ski, or simply tumble down – whatever strikes your fancy, really.

Have fun!

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