Tipper Truck Options for Construction Projects

tipper truck unloading land and rocksConstruction projects require a broad range of heavy machinery. The essential vehicles in most sites are tipper trucks. These powerful and strong vehicles are used to transport construction materials to your job site and remove waste from the site.

There is currently a range of options available for your tipper truck hire. The ideal one depends on the size of your construction site and the amount of materials you want to transport. Here are the three primary types of tipper trucks.

Standard Tippers

These are the most common tippers used for construction. A standard tipper truck operates on a hydraulic system. This system uses a fluid under pressure to generate power, which enables a lifting operation. There are different standard tipper trucks based on their load capacity. The average load capacity is 10 to 15 tonnes with heavier trucks weighing 35 to 40 tonnes.

Semi-Trailer End Tippers

These consist of a trailer with a dump body in its rear end. Compared to standard tippers, semi-trailer tippers have a larger load capacity and handle tougher jobs than standard tippers. These tippers are however less stable in their dumping positions than standard tippers.

Side Tippers

Rather than having a vertical dumping position like other tippers, a side tipper dumps material from both its sides. It is typically used for transportation and dumping of loose materials in tight construction sites. Side tippers have a larger loading capacity than other tipper trucks.

When considering which of the above tippers best suits your project, there are various elements that should influence your decision. Hire a tipper with a steel body since this is strong enough to withstand rugged use and tough terrains. A flat tipper floor will also be a good choice since this type of tipper floor contributes to a lowered centre of gravity, thus boosting the truck’s stability.

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