Top 5 Pet Supplies to Get if You Have a New Puppy

cute small white dog with empty white plate on the kitchen tableGetting a new puppy can be a wonderful experience. As you will soon find out, taking care of a pet dog may take a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding.

To make sure that you get off a good start as a dog owner, you need to know the different must-have items for your new pet, which you can buy from online pet stores like Shop4Pets. Check out the list below:

Collar and leash

A collar and leash are definitely one of the most basic items to have. You will need it for training and walking your dog around. A 4-foot leash is recommended for small puppies, but you will need something longer once your dog begins with obedience training.

Crate and carrier

Next, you will need a dog crate for house-training your pet. You may also want to purchase a travel carrier if you plan to take your dog with you during trips. Look for one that is spacious enough, and then put a soft bed or blanket to make it comfortable.

Food and water bowls

Of course, you need to buy dishes for your pet’s food and water. As you check out options in the market, you will see there are a wide variety of products ranging from ceramics and steel to plastic and glass. Go for ones that are easy to clean.

Food and treats

You, likewise, have to grab food and treats for your beloved pooch. You can ask a veterinary nutritionist if you want to know about specific products that are recommended for young puppies.

Grooming supplies

To keep your pet healthy and happy, you also need appropriate grooming supplies. These include a comb, bristle brush, nail clippers, ear cleaning solution, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, and dog toothpaste, among others.

Make sure you have these items when you welcome your new pet to your home, so it grows into a happy and healthy adult dog.

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