Traits of a Reliable Pest Control Employee

Man spraying pest control treatment inside a houseBeing a pest control worker requires extraordinary commitment. Dealing with pesticides and clearing gutters call for specialized personnel. It is a job for someone who truly enjoys cleaning and cares about getting rid of rodents and harmful insects.

Because it involves entering peoples’ homes, the job requires honesty and trustworthiness. Pure Services, cleaning service expert in Dunedin, New Zealand, thoroughly research the background of a candidate during hiring. This shows that not only is the pest control personnel are credible, but the company as well. Having that said, they should look for the following attributes when recruiting:


Cleaning homes, offices and buildings as well as clearing pests require knowledge on how to handle different situations. Pest control workers are trusted to do the job without damaging the client’s property. At the end of the day, they should be able to completely clear the area of the pests using careful skill.


How one handles challenges proves their professional level. Every staff should have leadership traits to solve customers’ problems. Clients will feel more secure and sure of a quality job when the workers show they understand their roles.

Team Player

Clearing pests need concentrated effort to accomplish the duty. When recruiting a candidate, companies should check their ability to work in a team. This trait helps build employees’ bond, and it cultivates trust with customers.

Emotional Intelligence

Any workplace has many challenges and office politics. An experienced employee should know when to complain and when to praise the company. When working on a client’s home, they should display a positive image for the company regardless. They should direct any dissatisfaction to the management for consideration. This shows that they care more about the job than their own personal agenda.

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