Travel Spotlight: Activities You Can Enjoy in Auckland

tourists sight seeingStill don’t know where to go for your grand travel adventure for this year? Well, why not consider Auckland? The largest city in New Zealand offers a wide range of activities you’ll surely enjoy.

Witness Natural Beauty

If you’ve seen The Lord of the Rings films, you’ll have an idea how breath-taking New Zealand’s natural beauty is. And Auckland shouldn’t be any different. Enjoy trekking up the grass-covered dormant volcano Mount Eden and get fantastic views of the city from the mountaintop. Hitting the beach like the Muriwai and Whatipu Beaches, both popular for their black sand, is also a great option. Additionally, if you have a car rental in Auckland, you can drive from to Matamata to visit the awe-inspiring Hobbiton Movie Set.

Learn More about the City

There are few better ways to know more about a place’s history and culture than visiting museums, so make stops at those in Auckland. At the Auckland Museum, learn about early Maori culture through the large collection of artefacts there. For the country’s military history, you can go to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. You can also drop by the New Zealand Maritime Museum and find out for yourself why Auckland is called the City of Sails.

Sample the Local Cuisine

Of course, a trip to any place wouldn’t be complete without sampling the local cuisine. Because of the surrounding waters, the city has a great number of delicious seafood dishes. At the top of your seafood list should be whitebait fritters and raw or curried paua (sea snail). Hangi—meat and vegetables slow-cooked using a pit oven—is also a must-try. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to try the Hokey Pokey ice cream flavour and the popular dessert pavlova.

So consider Auckland for your next travel destination. With its natural beauty, rich culture and history, and delectable cuisine, the city might just be the perfect place for your grand travel adventure.

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