U.S. Seeing a Massive Demand for Skilled Workers

Industrial worker with cutting tools

Industrial worker with cutting toolsThe construction and manufacturing sectors are producing a huge number of jobs in the U.S. In fact, companies are struggling to fill their ranks with skilled workers for various construction projects.

It has come to the point where there are more construction jobs than there are qualified workers.

Made in the USA

Manufacturing jobs are returning to the U.S., thanks in part to President Trump’s initiative to deregulate and lower corporate taxes. Manufacturing accounted for 200,000 new jobs in 2017. Companies are now more inclined to bring or keep their manufacturing divisions in the U.S. — especially when countries like China and Mexico are starting to raise worker wages. Keeping manufacturing local also gives companies more oversight into working conditions, as well as more control over the quality of goods produced.

Roads, Bridges, and Housing

Construction workers are now earning more than $30 an hour — even surpassing the wages of those in the tech industry. The government’s promise to focus on infrastructure has led to roads and bridges being built or repaired, and this contributed a good number of jobs to the construction sector.

Florida and Texas lead the nation in terms of hiring, with both states hiring more than 130,000 people in the past year. Houses are being built and construction firms are competing for skilled workers; therefore, driving wages up and producing various bonuses and incentives.

Blue Collar vs. White Collar

Skilled work, especially in manufacturing and construction, is now surpassing administrative jobs when it comes to wages. Manufacturing jobs pay triple the minimum wage and construction jobs pay 4 to 6 times the amount. However, only a fraction of students chooses to be skilled workers, opting to go to university and land a white-collar job.

Manufacturing and construction jobs are booming. Companies are hiring more skilled workers. Careers in these sectors may not be as glamorous as white-collar jobs, but they pay more and that’s what counts.

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