Unconventional Design and Non-Traditional Office Furniture Lead to Better Teamwork and Improved Productivity

An open office

An open officeOffice spaces are meant to provide workers with space and convenience to do their work. This requirement has evolved through the years, and today’s offices are still trying to do catch up with employees’ needs. The modern industrial office desk is not the same as the generic office desk of ten or twenty years ago. Trends and technology have made the desk an almost non-existent concept in modern offices.

Open Spaces

Plenty of new offices adhere to open office spaces. Tables have replaced desks which in turn allow for more interaction between colleagues and team members. Shared spaces have also lead to more freedom in choosing where a person works. This is a direct result of flexitime and work-from-home initiatives.

When the number of office workers on any given day is not assured, it makes sense that those in the office can sit down and work wherever they want. It is also understandable that they can be mobile and work anywhere in the office. Additionally, the furniture and other fixtures reflect the company’s philosophy. Output oriented jobs demand more functionality in their furniture.

Unconventional Offices

Cubicles in offices only work when employees are given workspaces. When they can work on any desk or table, there is no more need for dividers, and the only dividers of consequence are those for conference rooms. The employees no longer have uniform work areas. The unconventional approach leads to more open thinking and improved creativity.

This mentality has also led to more freedom in terms of what furniture to use and the office’s color scheme. There is no more need for a single theme or color motif. The desks and chairs no longer need to follow the browns and textures of traditional offices. Individual chairs can be a unique color, along with the walls and tables.

The emphasis of today’s work environment is quality output, and the ability to work together as a team. An open office design has lead to chairs and desks of unconventional design.

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