Unique Ideas for an Explosive Company Party

A woman at a company partySetting up a company party or event is one of the best ways to keep your employees inspired and motivated. It gives you the platform to recognize your team for their accomplishments and celebrate their commitment to your company.

When you set up the corporate party, think of it more than just a regular party. Food and drinks have to be overflowing, décor should be impressive, and the entire program should be fun and exciting because your team deserves the break and the best.

If you are in New York, make sure to rent a corporate event space such as the Manhattan Center with the right acoustics and big enough to accommodate every employee. Aside from your venue, be ready as well with your giveaways, loot bags, trophies and prizes.

Of course, you need awesome ideas to make it worth remembering.

Go for a theme

Hollywood? Rock n’ roll? Star Wars? Decorate the venue and have everyone wear costumes according to your chosen theme. This will showcase everyone’s creativity but make sure to reward the best. Also, do not forget to set up a photo booth to capture the priceless moments.

Play clean fun games

Consider games to unite your workforce. It is the best way for someone in the IT department to work with an admin assistant outside the office set-up. It also encourages trust, which everyone can take with them once the party is over.

However, do choose wholesome games to avoid problems or complaints and do not forget to reward the winners.

Live bands

A party is not complete without a live band performing the greatest hits of various decades dedicated to every age bracket present in the event. This idea will get everyone up on the floor to dance and sing along and build friendships along the way.

Remember to keep the mic open for anyone who wants to unleash his or her inner Freddie or Cher.


That is it. Do these suggestions, and we guarantee your next party to be a blast.

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