Warehouse Organization 101: What You Must Do

Shelving SystemIn starting or improving warehouse operation, it’s crucial to have a high standard as a base. It may mean making new investments or taking on a new learning curve, but since efficiency is key, anything that will reflect operational improvement is a worthy pursuit. Organization is the core objective, but there are many ways to achieve orderliness.

In so many ways, this is the logical next step if you want to become a regional picking/warehouse powerhouse. It helps you, as well as your clients, especially if the next step in the process is delivery. Nonetheless, maximizing efficiency is critical no matter the endgame.

Here are some of the organization upgrades you can undertake this new year:

Second-Guessing Your Methodology

The system you have in place works, obviously, but does it cater to your current business? As you grow or pivot your operation, your approach should change as well. It’s only natural for you to take a second look at your current methodology to ensure that you’re not putting roadblocks in your goals.

Good Quality Pallets Are Necessary

Pallets are one of the most common industrial racking solutions, but many forget to focus on quality. Not only are they a must, it's also important to invest in good quality pallets. Handpicking your supplier could mean a lesser risk of getting inferior racks, so make sure to settle with your best choice and not the first.

Continuing Education About Safety

The first step to awareness is information, so it’s best to conduct regular safety training for your warehouse staff. After all, working with machinery and towering shelves poses its own dangers. You have, at your disposal, manuals that will improve equipment operation, informing your staff of the importance of wearing uniforms and increase alertness for warehouse dangers.

Looking at Ergonomic Equipment

While this is optional for most warehouse operators, ergonomic equipment is an investment that your staff will appreciate. There’s nothing wrong with regular forklifts and ladders, but those with a focus on ergonomics improve ease of use and decrease injury risks. Whether this will be something that you’re interested in or not, it’s a choice.

These are only a few organizational strategies that you can implement. You still have to look at what your warehouse lacks, but these four steps will provide a standard that you can build on.

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