Website Mentors: Transforming your AdWords Campaign with Remarketing


Website mentors recommend revamping your AdWords campaign to be successful at Remarketing. To run an effective Remarketing campaign, you need information such as a collection of cookies from website visitors, called a Remarketing list.  The list should be of people that viewed a certain page on the site.

You also need to create an advanced list by using templates as well as the rule builder. To do this, you need to proceed to the shared library in AdWords and then establish a new Remarketing list. Once this is done, the list applies to your Remarketing efforts.

Creating the List

Sound website mentorinRemarketingg entails creating a list of people that have visited your site recently. This is important because you will base your target ads on the content provided on the list. Creating a list is doable at any time, but you will only get visitors once you have installed what is called a Remarketing tag, which is basically a small piece of code on the site itself.

You can create as many Remarketing lists as you prefer and once finished, you can add new campaigns and then simply add your list to the ad group.  Some important pieces of advice:

  • In order to utilize Remarketing on the Display Network, you need to choose “Display Network – Remarketing” as the campaign type. In order to achieve the best results, simply use the default settings and you will be fine.
  • In order to utilize Remarketing lists for your search ads, choose “Search Network only – All Features” as your campaign. It is important to note that Remarketing lists are not accessible if you select “Search Network only – Standard” and in “Search and Display Networks”

Google began introducing Remarketing in 2010 as a means for people to display their ads to past visitors that have been to their site, or perhaps to those who have hinted at a purchase but stopped short of doing so. It is a simple yet effective means of targeting warm leads in such a way that can increase ROI of your AdWords campaign.

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