What a Leaky Roof Can Do to Your Finances

Three workers fixing a roofMany homeowners, tend to forget about certain parts of their house, just because they cannot see or do not have easy access to it. One good example is the roof: the entirety of which is not completely visible unless one intentionally climbs and looks at it.

Many also think that, since quality roofing systems are durable and powerful, they do not need that much maintenance. As a result, they do not pay their roof attention until they start seeing and experiencing the consequences of not doing so.

Of the many repercussions of ignoring the much-needed roof maintenance, leaks are the first to show up. And while you may think small of these, literally and figuratively, know that they can actually cause a huge dent in your wallet, not just for the repairs, but for potential health concerns too.

When you’ve waited too long to address the issues

Of course, there are instances wherein homes in Fairfax, VA warrant a roof replacement already, particularly those that have already gone past their intended service life.

However, home improvement expert STB Remodeling states many roofing systems need replacement not because of age, but because of premature failure due to lack of maintenance that made even just the smallest problems worse.

Keep in mind that, leaks, no matter how small they start, will just worsen and grow bigger the longer it takes you to have them repaired.

The telling signs of leaks

The most obvious indications include water leaking into your home when it rains or snows, or in case the damage has not reached this point yet, having ugly, damp spots form on the ceiling.

A smell of mustiness (usually indicating mold growth) is another symptom of roof leaks, although these weird odors can also arise from plumbing leaks.

Depending on the extent of the leaks, they may just require prompt repairs. However, do not discount the possibility (and advantages) of re-roofing or roof replacement. Whichever the case is, it is vital you know how to tell when you have a leaky roof so that you can call the pros for immediate assistance.

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