What are the Advantages of Ceramic Braces over Metal Braces?

Close up of a girl wearing ceramic bracesThere are various reasons someone may need braces. However, some people are hesitant to wear metal braces because they’re uncomfortable or they don’t like how it looks. Fortunately, technological advances in the world of orthodontics have made it possible to make braces as inconspicuous and comfortable as possible.

Ceramic braces are fast becoming a popular alternative to metal braces in West Jordan because they are more discreet than metal braces. They can be colored so that they could blend with your teeth, notes Redwood Orthodontics. Here are more advantages of ceramic braces.


It’s true that metal is a stronger raw material, but that doesn’t mean that ceramics aren’t as durable. Ceramic braces have been designed to be as strong and resilient as possible. However, it’s important to find a provider that offers the highest quality to ensure the durability of your ceramic braces.

More Discreet

The shape of ceramic braces is basically the same as the metal ones. However, their brackets are much smaller and clearer that they appear almost invisible in photographs or from a distance, especially if the archwire is colored or frosted.

Avoid Demineralization of the Tooth Enamel

To ensure that the braces have superior adhesive strength all throughout the treatment, the bonding agent used for ceramic braces is very strong. Although the bonding agent used is strong, it will not cause tooth enamel demineralization.

Easy to Remove when Treatment is Done

Traditional metal braces use bonding agents that can cause damage to the tooth enamel, especially during removal of the brackets. The removal process of ceramic braces, on the other hand, is much easier and will not cause damage to the tooth enamel.

Don’t Easily Stain

Another key advantage of the latest ceramic braces, aside from being durable and comfortable, is that they’re less susceptible to staining. However, this doesn’t mean they will not stain. You still have to mind your dental hygiene to save your ceramic braces from discoloration.

Many patients who have switched from traditional metal braces to ceramic braces have reported that they found more comfort with the latter. This is because the materials used for ceramic braces offer fewer chances of the gums getting inflamed.

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