What Dermatologists Do to Help and When You Should Consult with Them

dermatologist using dermatoscope for skin examination in the hospitalMore than 8,500 dermatologists are practicing their profession in the United States, most of whom are overseen by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

Since no one in the world has perfect skin, no matter how great someone looks, there is a need for dermatological interventions.

The benefit of expert care

While most doctors can prescribe generic medicine and interventions for common integumentary problems, a skin doctor in Provo such as will be able to identify the causative factors and determine an accurate diagnosis.

If you go to a primary care physician, you may have to wait longer for a specific diagnosis, so visit a dermatologist near you instead.

Almost 40 million visits are associated with dermatological conditions every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Solutions and approaches for different types of problems arise, but only some of them will work for you.

To benefit from these solutions, you need an expert to assess and make the necessary recommendations.


It is important to stress the importance of prompt and appropriate dermatological care not only in addressing problems already present but also in preventing those that may still arise. Take for instance the issue of scarring. Some conditions may lead to scarring when not treated properly.

These conditions include severe acne and scalp conditions. Scarring is a huge problem because it is irreversible. There are no procedures available yet to arrest permanent damage associated with scarring.

The first time you notice a change in your skin, which suggests a scar is developing, you should set an appointment with a dermatologist immediately.

When do you visit a dermatologist?

If you have a rash, you do not usually call a dermatologist. However, if the rash is covering more than 10 percent of your body, then a doctor’s appointment should be a priority especially when there are other symptoms involved.

Also, redness that persists, or arises without any clear reason deserves medical attention. Open sores may also require the care of a qualified skin doctor.


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