What Pool Builders Use to Bring Your Aquatic Retreat Into the Smart Pool Era

a kid swimming in a poolIf you own a swimming pool, then you know that maintaining it can be a treacherous affair. That sparkling clean water is a result of hours of pH tests, chlorination, and pump repair, among other activities. With today’s smart technology, pool maintenance just got better as pool builders in Dallas apply innovative systems in the design and installation.

Here are just some latest technologies that make your aquatic retreat even better:

Smart Phone Use

The most important gadget, as you make a switch to a smart pool, is your smartphone. Wi-Fi enabled solutions allow you to take care of business anytime and anywhere. The phone connects to the operations of your pool through smart pool monitors, smart pool switches, and other gadgets.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

A robotic pool cleaner is a must-have in any smart pool this year. Invest in one and you will never have to worry about your cleaning routines. Robotic cleaners move around your pool, taking out debris and dirt. The robot also scrubs the walls, waterline, and floor, removing algae and bacteria. These cleaners are efficient and effective, saving your pool from needing chemicals during cleanup.

Sensors and Monitoring Systems

You can automate virtually everything that has to do with your pool. There are in-pool sensors that track pH levels, alkalinity, water temperature, and other relevant data, which then transmits to a bridge device through a Wi-Fi system. You can automate the process of getting a service to clean your pool using a mobile app.

Another innovative system enables one-touch control that turns a typical pool into a spa-like oasis for your backyard. You can program your pool remotely through your mobile phone and reduce the energy it needs for maintenance.

Whether you are planning to upgrade your pool or install a new one, consider innovative systems. With pool technologies in Dallas, maintenance will be a breeze and usage will be more enjoyable.

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