What to Do with Windows When Home Staging

window cleaningWhen it comes to staging homes, it’s the little things that often make or break a sale, like how you dress up your windows. It seems trivial. However, if it’s done correctly, it can transform the look of the space, making it more welcoming. This is the kind of mood that you want to create for potential home buyers in Utah. Thus, before the open house, decide what to do with your windows:

Leave Them as They Are

Sometimes, the sheer beauty of the windows already makes them stand out. If you have interesting windows at home, like huge ones that give a view of the garden or the ocean, it’s better to leave them as they are.

The important thing is to make sure that they’re clean. You can consult window-cleaning services like Utah Window Cleaning Inc to ensure that your windows are clean. Whether you’re going to have window treatments or not, clean windows are a must.

Throw Out the Outdated

If you do decide to get window treatments, it’s best to know what not to use. That includes the old stuff: valances and cornices. There are exceptions to this rule, like if the home’s style is traditional. For other instances, it will be hard to pull off these window treatments, especially if you’re competing with other modern houses.

Plus, don’t you think that they look too bulky? They keep natural light from brightening up space. That’s another rule here: avoid window treatments that make the room look dark and stuffy.

Choose Simple, Light Treatments

What you do instead is dress up windows as simple as possible. That’s the safest, most cost-efficient way to go about this. Remember the purpose of the room to guide you through your choices.

For instance, in bathrooms, you want something that’s resistant to mold and can withstand humidity in the room, so go for simple honeycomb shades. In bedrooms, where you want to filter light to promote sound sleep, choose curtains or roller blinds.

What you do with your windows affects the look of your home. Thus, be sure that your windows open up windows of (sale) opportunity for you.

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