What to Look for When Renting for the Long Term

ApartmentPicture this: you’re a young professional who’s fresh out of school and just starting out with a career. You can’t expect to have a piece of property you paid for yourself, all your own. So, you prepare to rent. But, for how long? It’s not like you can earn millions in just a matter of days. It will take years, and you have to get ready to rent for the long term.

Where do you start? Rentals like LHA London has properties ready for short and long stays. From their options, here are things to look for when renting for the long term.


No matter how safe the community is, you can’t take security for granted. Since you’re living there for a lengthy period, you have to make sure the entryways are not easy to break into. Alarms, cameras and other surveillance devices are pluses in a rental property. Not only will they spare you the costs of buying these devices, but they’ll also save you the trouble of installing them.

Being located near the police station adds to its safety factor. In addition, consider the security of the garages and storage areas to make sure your valuables don’t get stolen. Privacy-enhancing fixtures such as dark blinds and window tints also boost security.

Heating and Cooling

You’ll see the seasons pass as you live in the place. Make sure the heating and cooling units are working just fine, and tell the owner immediately if they aren’t. By doing so, you won’t risk freezing to death during winter and melting under the summer heat. 

If there are leaks and the units are making loud noises, report to the owner before giving a down payment. In the course of your stay, they may worsen and may pose dangers to your health as well.


You’ll be your own housekeeper, so it’s important that you can manage the space. If you’re living alone, it’s advisable to not rent properties with big gardens, as they can be difficult to maintain. If you’re a young family, a small, move-in ready house with few dividers is ideal. 

These are just some of the things you need to consider before renting for the long term. Best of luck in looking for your new living space. 

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