When Does Renovation Win Over Relocation?

Moving in a New HouseHaving an additional member of the family can mean two things if you have a small home: You either need to relocate or remodel your home. The question is, which one would you prefer?

Here are three reasons renovating your home is the better option, courtesy of

You Have the Space for It – When adding an extension, you have to consider where you would like it placed. Good for you if there is a backyard where you can even put in a flat with its own kitchen and entrance. However, if you have very limited yard space, you can choose to go upward instead. Just make sure that you get the proper approvals, permits and legal requirements for any extensions you plan to put in.

You Have the Money for It – When you choose to renovate, you won’t be selling your home in exchange for another so you should have funds for this. However, once your home has been extended it’s likely to have added value because of the improvements. Speak with a trustworthy and first-rate residential building company, preferably with a good track record with building extensions. They can assist you in adding value to your home while you add a room or two.

You Have the Fortitude for It – Admittedly, living in a house that’s being renovated can be stressful. However, it can still be nerve-wracking when you’re trying to sell your present home while looking for a new place. Add to that the concerns of moving and setting up in a new address, and you may start reconsidering that renovation and extension work on your house isn’t all that bad. Besides, you would have a better view of the quality of work being done if you choose to renovate.

Your home contains so many good memories and there’s nothing wrong with adding a few more if you can manage it. As long as you have experts handling your reconstruction then you have nothing to fear. Just wait until you see how grand your home is going to be.

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