When the Force is Weak with Your iPhone, it has ‘Touch Disease’

Apple DevicesWhile Apple continues to lead the innovation market, it’s also home to some of the most recurring issues in technology.

Taking aside the exploding Samsung Note 7, Apple products such as the Mac and iPhone almost always need repairs despite their promise of quality.

Until recently, the most popular issue consumers experience is a cracked screen.

However, according to Business Insider, there is now a contender for the costliest Apple repair. ‘An increasing number of iPhone users are reporting an issue with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones freezing up and becoming unresponsive to touch’.

A Software Problem

Despite the efforts of Apple to lower the cost of screen repair by mass producing DIY kits, the infamous ‘Touch Disease’ in turn infects thousands of users each day. Based on the reports from customers in California and Canada, there’s an active evidence that the Touch Disease, which renders the phone unresponsive and impossible to use, is already widespread dilemma. The problem is so bad that there are class action lawsuits over the whole matter and potentially more on the official acknowledgement of the company.

Detecting if an iPhone has the Infection

Compared to the simple lagging of Apple devices due to limited memory, the Touch Disease has telltale signs. When you see a flickering grey bar at the top of the screen or if the entire screen becomes intermittently unresponsive, then you have it. By far, the only reported versions affected are iPhone 6 Plus models released for sale in 2014.

On Fixes, Warranties, and Repair Shops

For users with expired or slightly used warranties, official Apple stores and partners quote on average $100 to $329 fee for replacement cost. On the other hand, third-party repair shops offer far better cost-effective repairs, perfect for those who want to keep costs minimal.

The best course of action will be to have the Touch Disease exclusive to iPhone 6 Plus models. On the off chance that the disease migrates to other models, Apple can potentially face a breakdown much worse than exploding devices.

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