Why BIM Can Change the Construction Industry

Sketches of building by an engineer

Sketches of building by an engineerBuilding Information Modeling (BIM) enables companies to create visuals for their construction plans. BIM technology helps you plan for construction materials and supplies. BIM experts at PhiCubed explain that there is now more value as new features help companies to project the impact of any decision at the planning stage.

Internet Development

The development of digital communication allows the transfer of BIM data to cloud storage sites. Information sharing will enable clients and stakeholders to participate in the design and overall project management of the construction. They could also have a better overview of the project and mobile apps in the construction industry enable real-time access.

Modular Prefabrication Features

The feature enhances the management of resources and allows you to do precise calculations even before construction commences. BIM models enable better and faster prefab drawings that make the whole process more efficient than before. The prefebrication features allow designers and builders to plan prefab structures and models for their buildings. The BIM will also allow builders to explore which feature could be prefabricated.

Drone and Scanning

New BIM models will also allow laser scanning technology and drones to collect data above the construction site to guarantee accurate results. laser scanning technology will also allow designers to create a virtual landscape for the building.

3D printing technology in 2018 is gearing toward increasing accuracy and minimizing supply waste and construction time. BIM hosting and model data will allow integrated project delivery in real time as data is available and does not require duplicating. Moreover, BIM models are energy efficient and curb emissions of carbon monoxide by enabling selection of better materials to use at the planning stage. A BIM model offers better options for demolition and recycling processes in construction.

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