Why More Citizens and Residents are Joining SAFVC

Male and Female SoldierMen and women who choose to serve their country by coming to its defense when the time comes are all considered patriots. In Singapore, many men and women volunteer to help the country’s armed forces.

Serving one’s country may be among the most dangerous jobs in the world. This would require you to bear arms, to exceed your limits and face enemies when the time comes. While some people would avoid coming to the defense of their country, the men and women of Singapore are a different breed.

Why? Their Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps (SAFVC) is teeming with individuals who chose to grab the exciting volunteer opportunities. Here are good reasons.

Undergoing progressive training

When you want to achieve something, you have to undergo rigorous training to reach it. The same goes with volunteers for SAFVC. They go through a rigorous training process to change them into the men and women who would be strongly defending their nation.

One cannot simply go into battle without the right training. Once volunteers pass the training, they tend to become more resilient and competent in life.

Building more confidence

The training that men and women undergo in the SAFVC makes them more confident in facing challenges. People immediately notice something different in the way a volunteer moves, thinks and even acts. He becomes more mature in the face of making decisions and in all of his actions.

Fostering patriotism

Patriotism, by definition, is having that deep devotion to your country. This simply means that you love your country so much that you will be coming to its defense when needed. The moment you join the SAFVC, you will feel and see the value of being a patriot.

Singapore is a strong nation. The skills and the values that you will learn when you join SAFVC are invaluable. You will be proud when you join this elite group.

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