Why Raise a Bilingual Child?

The native language of a person forms the ways he or she perceives the world and A teacher discussing with kids around a table interacts with others. When you use the logic of this concept, it means individuals can broaden their horizon and see the world in a different way by learning a second or even third language.

This is only one of the reasons that a Dubai private school, such as the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, encourages parents and students that being bilingual is advantageous.

Experts cite the following reasons it is important to raise bilingual children.


Cultural Immersion

In today’s world of multiculturalism, learning and becoming fluent in a second language is important. Bilingual children are able to adapt to new environments better and are friendlier to others who are from other countries.

Their fluency or at least immediate level in a second language has broadened their horizons, because of their exposure and use of another culture’s language.

A bilingual child will have enough courage and curiosity to talk to another child who has darker or lighter skin, rather than shy away. This enables them to make new friends despite being in an unfamiliar environment.


Better Executive Brain Functions

When your child studies and learns a new language, it improves the executive functions of the brain. This aspect of the brain’s system directs different processes such as problem-solving, planning and performing certain tasks that require a lot of attention.

Bilinguals tend to use this function of their brains more because they have to switch languages often.


Future Career Opportunities

In today’s interconnected world, learning more than one language is a must as it provides one with an advantage in their careers. It may seem early to think about the future job or business of your child, but starting them young is better.

While they are young, it is easier to eliminate bad habits and become fluent in French, Chinese, Italian or other languages.

Bilinguals have an advantage, whether it is executive or cognitive brain functions, or making friends. Teach your child a second language by enrolling them at a school that encourages it.

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