Why Visit the Periodontist in Perth?

Female dentist with male patient

Female dentist with male patientA general dentist is there to support day-to-day oral hygiene. All practitioners are trained in the anatomy of the teeth and the surrounding structures. They get a thorough education on all aspects of oral care. However, some go on to specialise in certain areas, so they can help patients with more complex issues. Once someone decides to become something like a periodontist in Perth, they typically focus on that speciality alone and no longer do general dentistry, so they are putting their skills to good use.

Once a dental practice begins to expand, they often take on professionals who have specialist area like a periodontist in Perth. A clinic like Elite Perio wants to offer their patients continuity of care no matter what issue they have. If they can make referrals within their own practice, this offers the patient the chance to benefit from consistency and ongoing relationships. This can make all the difference when they are seeking deeper treatment as they are able to relax in a familiar environment and focus their energies on their health.

What types of issues are addressed by the periodontist in Perth?

A periodontist focuses on the support structures for the teeth, which includes the surrounding bones and tissue like the gums. They typically diagnose and treat issues like periodontal disease, which is another name for gum disease. This is a general term for what happens when acids from plaque and tartar attack the gums and, in the long-term, also the root of the tooth and the bone.

There is some evidence to suggest that long-term gum disease has links to other chronic health conditions. In the same way as an infection in any other area of the body can affect the system as a whole, gum disease can do the same. This might lead to fatigue, diabetes and heart disease.

All of this means that it is imperative that periodontal disease is diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. This first means a trip to a regular dentist who can then make the referral to a periodontist. The most serious dental side effect of gum disease is the loss of teeth which then leas to the need for extensive, and often expensive, restoration work.

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