Why You Should Rent Construction Cranes

Worker looking up at construction crane

Worker looking up at construction craneBuying construction equipment is expensive. The purchase entails a big investment that will depreciate over time. These indirect costs may also include maintenance and spare parts, plus having to hire a full-time operator for the specific equipment.

If the construction equipment will not be used regularly and will take up a lot of yard space, such an investment might be sleeping until the next project. But, what if the construction projects are different?

Buying Vs. Renting a Crane

When one rents construction equipment such as cranes from companies like Lampson International, the initial investment is lower, and it becomes a direct cost. The problems of maintenance and finding a skilled operator is solved. Unlike owning such equipment, that does get outdated, the latest equipment can be rented.

When a construction company takes on a project, there are specific supplies that have to be purchased. It also follows that when there is a project, if there is a need for cranes for construction, a rental service can provide the latest equipment for the task to be completed without having to shell out a hefty investment.

Estimate Your Costs for Construction

Estimating costs is vital for any construction project to be completed. If the crane that was bought becomes like a Stonehedge in the yard, then it could be a waste of money as it has to be sold.

Renting is typically cheaper. For example, a self-erecting tower crane rental cost is one-third of the buying one, and that amount eliminates the cost of hiring laborers, not to mention the headaches associated with erecting, operating, and dismantling it.

Using a reliable crane for construction rental service ensures that there are all sizes and that these are manned and maintained. Be wise and make each equipment cost become project specific by renting instead of buying.

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